Club VIP Plus Reward Points

How much are points worth?

Each point is worth 1 pence

What! Just a penny? How do I turn pennies to pounds?

Register as a member on the website:
200 points = £2.00

Book an event:
2 points per pound spent (Spend £100 and get 200 points = £2.00)

Write a review:
50 points per review (£0.50p)

along with plenty of other secret “triggers” during our events!

What can i do with the pounds?

SPEND them of course!

Once you have a minimum of 1000 points (£10), you can start using your points to pay for part of our future events!

How do I view / use them?

Log in to check your latest balance in My Rewards

Browse through our event listings, select an event and choose how many points you wish to use at the checkout – Simples!

Can i transfer points?

If you’ve booked a ticket/package for someone else, you can transfer some points to them if they have an account on the website. Visit the points section in My Account to use this feature.

Terms and Conditions

  • You cannot redeem points for cash (not yet anyway). Sorry about that.
  • You’ll need to login before you make a booking. It’s not possible to backdate or redeem ClubVipPlus reward points against an event you’ve previously booked.
  • It’s also not possible to redeem at the venue on the day.
  • You cannot redeem against a voucher purchase.
  • Points are only rewarded when bookings are made on the ClubVipPlus website OR during our events by staff.
  • When a booking is cancelled/refunded, your reward points are automatically deducted or returned (if reward points redeemed at checkout)