Beat the Cost of Living Crisis and Make Your Money Go Further

Let’s face it … we’re all finding it harder to make ends meet, but there are ways to make it work, and you don’t need to live a life of misery because of it, either. Yes, you can save money without sacrificing your social life or your sanity. Here’s 5 few tips…

1. Make small, manageable changes

Sometimes, the key to ‘earning’ more, is spending less.

That convenient £4 coffee and the tasty £3 almond croissant, two or three days a week, 7 * 3 = £21 a week = £84 a month and you haven’t had lunch yet.

Why not reduce it to one or two a week … you’ve just saved £28 quid in 60 seconds.

2. Sell unwanted items

We’ve all got items lying around that we can live without. Sell some clothes on the vinted app, books, electronics or even furniture on ebay and/or facebook marketplace etc.

I bet you can sell £50 worth of items this week..  Let’s go!

3. Make time and a plan for getaways

Make time in your schedule to plan and save for a trip. By doing this you will be able to find the best deals, make use of instalment plans, and make the most of your time away. You don’t need to deprive yourself to save money. Just be smart about it! 😉

4. Cancel two subscriptions for one month

Once up on a time we had four TV channels, you can live without netflix and disney + for ONE month! Give it a try with a couple of your monthly subscriptions (keep one in place for your sanity, or swap TV time with that gym subscription you’ve been paying for …). 

You can renew the following month, or you might find you can live without it even longer. In the meantime you’ve saved another £15 or so…. 

Running total savings: £93

5. Take advantage of discounts and offers

Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts, both online and in-store. This could include sales, loyalty cards and coupons. Many businesses offer loyalty schemes which give you money off your total bill or points which can be redeemed for future purchases. For example, the Clubvipplus loyalty scheme allows you to collect points to make savings on future events! 

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There are many ways to save money, but it’s important to find the ones that work for you. By tracking your spending, shopping around for the best deals and cutting back on unnecessary expenses, you can make your money go further. But most importantly, planning is key! By taking the time to plan, you can make the most of your money and avoid last-minute costs. What are you going to start doing today to save money?